To be able to advice and implement requires expertise, both functional and technical. And at Exreal we know this very well, having implemented and advised on several projects – large and small. Our select team of consultants and partners are geared on pretty much all of latest technologies in use today, and some of the older ones like COBOL. Here’s a limited list of what our consultants are experts on, and what you could you  use expertise for.

Computer Hardware Platforms

ARM, RISC, Sun Sparc, Silicon Graphics (SGI),  IBM Power PC, Tandem, AS/400, Macintosh, PC

Development Languages/Platforms

Assembler, COBOL, dBase III+, Clipper, FoxBase, Sybase, Oracle, VB.NET, C/++/#, Python, Java, PHP, RoR, Go!

Server Platforms

Apache, IIS, Nginx, Light Httpd, ISA

Operating Systems

RISC OS, Mac OS X, BeOS, DOS, iRMX, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, RedHat, Maemo, PalmOS


SEO, Web 2.0, Content Management Platforms, Search Engines

Other things

Virtualization technologies & platforms, VPN, Design & Architecture for Networks, Load testing & Benchmarking

Beyond what you see here, Exreal also has access to an extended network of consultants who are also experienced in various other specialist domains for any specific IT problem you may have. If you choose to use Exreal’s services, we will gladly help you find the best fit.