Innovation & Research
Innovation & Research

One of the things that drives us at Exreal is our excitement about everything tech; hardware, software, networks, firewalls, linux, windows… we love it all.  And, every day gets more exciting with the advent of more such new technologies, like RoR (Ruby on Rails) or Semantics, which we regularly use for clients, which improves their ROI and performance.

One of outcomes of such passion towards technology is that our consultants & developers end up building a lot of innovative pieces of technology, sometimes code, and at other times customized appliances that are ground breaking in many ways. In the past, here are some of things we built, which then were deployed for our clients and some were used to build our own services.

  • Artificially Intelligent Sales Assistant (AISA): Built on XML, AISA is a sentient piece of software that could guide visitors and answer questions about the products and hold a sales chat. AISA was later merged with our help-desk robot to provide support answers.
  • Gatekeeper: A managed Multi-LAN/WAN firewall service built on Unix, which can handle multiple LAN’s and WAN’s simultaneously and provide protection and acceleration for web with a built-in proxy server, rules engine, virus filter. Gatekeeper is currently a part of our managed service.
  • RooB: An internal search engine project. Now, in the process of being scaled up for a client as a full-fledged media search engine capable of indexing audio and video files with meta tags.
  • WebBuilder: Our content management platform, which started as a way of us managing our client sites. Now, a fully functional SaaS.

As a part of our work, we are constantly building and looking for new ideas on implementing interesting technology applications. If you are interested in working with us, contact us to become a partner or become a consultant with us.