Technology isn’t easy. You have a myriad of choices, each with it’s own nuance; some are better than others, some are expensive and some are too cheap to be effective. How do you make a single choice that will determine how your business will scale or, works well today and tomorrow, without breaking your bank?  What if you went opensource, or custom built? How will your IT infrastructure be supported?
It’s questions like these, which we at Exreal can help you find answers for. We can help you choose and understand technology,  reduce your IT and energy expenditure, gain more customers with your website, build customized appliances with off-the-shelf components that never get “out-dated” or software that improve your operating margin by 100%. And if all that technology get’s too complicated to manage, we can help you manage it as well –  remotely; from practically anywhere, with just an internet connection.
What also makes our services unique are that all of our services, which include development services are specifically built for your needs and requirements. Each of our services is customizable to any degree with any requirement you might have, so you are not stuck with what you start with.
To make all this possible, Exreal, founded in 2003  is led by a team of expert consultants & evangelists, who have several years of experience in IT, research and support. Several of our consultants with varied expertise are available for remote assignments, which include consulting and support service over VPN, e-mail, video conferencing and other remote communication methods.
To know more about how we can help, contact us.