Exreal Gatekeeper
Exreal Gatekeeper

Managed Firewall & Proxy Service; makes your ordinary PC into a Firewall that win the war over packets.

Are you tired of trying to control the abuse of Internet in your business or paying enormous bandwidth charges for repeated downloads? Is updating rules on your in-house  hardware firewall to keep up with rising threats becoming a chore?

Then it’s time you looked at Exreal Gatekeeper; our managed firewall service built on open-source and Unix. Just like the Jumpstart service, Exreal’s Gatekeeper service is a mix of our consulting expertise/technology support and customisation, which turns an ordinary PC Hardware into a powerful firewall appliance; customising and including open source products to work the way you want it to.

A Software appliance that turns your PC into a Powerful Hardware appliance

Our Exreal’s Gatekeeper Service can convert your existing PC or server into a full fledged Firewall/VPN/Proxy/Router and Internet Access device, with support for multiple DSL/WAN/Fiber Links and LAN Links. Combined with the power of the UNIX kernel, our service effectively supercharges your PC hardware into a hardware firewall and router in an instant.

Infinitely Scale-able

Gatekeeper’s backend is built as a software appliance so it can scale infinitely to handle any amount of traffic, or number of WAN/LAN links. Just add more network cards or upgrade your PC or server with more RAM or processors as your requirements change.  Compare that with a hardware firewall product.

Virtualization Friendly

Don’t want to dedicate an entire physical server for your firewall software? Go virtual then, because we can customise the firewall to run  in a virtualised environment; open source or commercial, you choose. Our experts can help you migrate it as well to a virtual environment.

Fully Managed

The hardest part of managing a firewall is keeping it updated. Threats are ever rising and ever changing and it’s difficult to keep an in house security expert for most organizations.

You can leave that worry aside though with Exreal Gatekeeper Service. Because,  we provide an technology management service, renewable yearly. Our consultants will routinely upgrade the backend software, web blacklists and provide you with technology support for tweaking/changing firewall rules according to your business needs.

It’s Robust

PC Hardware isn’t what you would call robust.  At least, that’s what everyone wants you to believe.

But, since we use a UNIX backend, which has surpassed many thousands of hours in operation, we can assure you of the robustness of your firewall.  Our current clients use regular PC Hardware over multiple networks with high up-times and relability, routing multiple LAN’s and WAN’s. One of the reasons, why Exreal’s Gatekeeper is not a product or software you install is precisely that, firewall cannot be a product, it’s a service, where we manage it to work your way; first by locating what works for you, then installing it and following it up with managed technology support.

It’s Customizable and built to run your way

Our services are based on  a plug-and-play architecture; so each feature you need is installable and customizable to suit your business.  We can tune your hardware and software to run as a firewall or a router or a VPN server or all it, or add anything later. It’s easy. And if there is something else you need to add-in that’s not currently featured, we can custom build and integrated it with the help of our software experts.

Currently, Exreal Gatekeeper Service is only available to the clients of our consulting services. The pricing for Exreal Gatekeeper Service is built on the features selected and installed, customisation, and technology support  level required. For further information, please contact us.

Customisable and Instalable Services & Features

  • Multi-WAN: Where others stop at support one or two WAN links, we can customise the hardware & software to scale upto any number of WAN links. What’s more,  the hardware can use the WAN links for load-balancing or failover automatically, keeping your Internet running at all times.
  • Multi-LAN / VLAN: Want to use one device for multiple internal networks?  Works on multiple LAN networks, upto 256 of them. If you use VLAN’s we can also customise it on it.
  • Firewall: Industry standard protection based on IPtable.
  • VPN: Three of the most common VPN servers are bundled in – OpenVPN, IPSEC and PPTP. Securely provide VPN connectivity to your roaming users or connect to your branch office for a secure site-to-site VPN.
  • Proxy Server: Built-in Caching proxy server ensures you are getting maximum performance out of your bandwidth.
  • QoS: Need to ensure you have bandwidth available to run your VPN, Skype or VOIP application? QoS ensures bandwidth overruns don’t happen and you always have bandwidth.
  • Logging: All access is logged, access proxy reports to know, which sites are being visited and what is being downloaded. Exreal consultants can also access the logs to know if you are under threat from outside or inside attacks and alert you.
  • Web accelerator: How many times do you find your network users downloading the same files again again? Windows updates, or anti-virus updates? The web accelerator caches such downloads and serves them locally, saving you bandwidth and ensuring instant access after a file is downloaded once.
  • Blacklist: Blacklists make sure your users cannot visit sites they are not intended to. Exreal Gatekeeper is shipped with an exhaustive list of blacklists, categorized into categories from hacking, webmail to adult sites, with over 1,00,000 sites and we add thousands of them every month. Exreal consultants automatically update your blacklist each month.
  • Anti-virus: A built-in Antivirus engine scans each Website and download to ensure your users are not downloading virus or trojan infected files. Updates to the Anti-virus are automatically done.